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11/10/2014 SQL Server Premier Field Engineer  (Microsoft) 

11/10/2014 SQL Server Consultant  ( Microsoft )

08/25/2014 Data Analyst (Boat America Corporation)

01/16/2014 PASS Business Analytics 2014 & $150 Disount Code:  BA2L3B




AT&T Building
(Sponsored by AT&T)

1900 Gallows Road
Vienna, VA 22182

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Andrew Kelly Monday Februay 2r3d, 2015 at 7pm,  1900 Gallows Road, Vienna, VA 22182    

Getting the Most from Query Plan Reuse - Andrew J. Kelly


Andrew J. Kelly is a Mentor with SolidQ and a SQL Server MVP with over 20 years’ experience with relational databases and application development specializing in Performance, Scalability and Maintainability of large scale SQL Servers. He is a regular speaker each year and a contributing editor and writer for SQL Server Pro.

Abstract: Both DBA’s and Developers should be acutely aware of what it takes to ensure that every call to SQL Server has the best chance of reusing a previously generated query plan. Having to generate a new plan each time will waste precious resources and ultimately prevent you from obtaining peak performance and scalability for that SQL Server Instance. We will see how the SQL Server engine determines if a plan is reusable or not and more importantly exactly how to correct any calls that fail to do so. The best way is always to plan ahead and develop the code / app properly to begin with but we will also demonstrate ways to minimize the impact of poorly developed code in terms of plan reuse. We will see lots of demo’s to hammer home these concepts on both the TSQL and client side.


TupizaMEETING CANCELLED  Monday January  26th, 2015 at 7pm,  Reston  

Introduction to Windows Azure HDInsight - Jon Tupitza

 Bio: Jon Tupitza (

Database Jon Tupitza is an independent consultant who specializes in architecting and delivering modern data warehouse and business intelligence solutions.  His expertise includes Microsoft products like SQL Server (SSAS, SSIS, SSRS), Analytics Platform System (APS), HDInsight, Hortonworks Data Platform (Hadoop), .NET, SharePoint and Office Excel technologies.

Before starting his own practice Jon worked at a number of noteworthy organizations including over 6 years at Microsoft, and 3 years at Avanade.  He has been architecting and delivering various Microsoft-centric application development, business intelligence and infrastructure solutions since 1996.  Jon has extensive experience with SQL Server security, logical and physical database design, and software engineering.  He has architected and delivered custom software projects featuring web-based and service oriented architectures that leverage .NET, ASP.NET MVC, Enterprise Library, and SQL Server.  He also has extensive experience in delivering infrastructure architectures including SQL Server, SharePoint and Microsoft On-Premises Cloud solutions.  What’s more, he teaches, develops courseware, and speaks at several Microsoft technology conferences and events.

Jon has also earned multiple Microsoft certifications since 1999 including MCSD, MCSD.Net, MCSE, MCDBA, MCT, and MCTS / MCITP for SQL Server 2005 & 2008: Administrator, Developer and Business Intelligence.

Abstract: This session will provide a general introduction to HDInsight; Microsoft’s new online Hadoop service that enables you to harness the power of Big Data analytics and machine learning. You will learn how to provision and manage an HDInsight cluster using the Windows Azure Management Portal and PowerShell. The discussion will include the roles played by open source projects such as Pig, Hive, Mahout and HCatalog.


Monday December 1, 2014 at 7pm,  AT&T Building  

Introduction to SQL Server Policy-Based Management - Kevin Hazzard


Kevin Hazzard runs the Software Development Practice for Linchpin People LLC, leaders in the data integration and wellness space. He's a long-time C# MVP who loves database technology first and foremost. He’s the author of a book entitled Metaprogramming in .NET which concerns adaptive software design using Microsoft technologies. Kevin also serves as an elected member of his local School Board and dedicates most of his non-professional time promoting public education.

Abstract: Are you tired of herding your developers around to ensure that they follow the rules of your database? Then let SQL Server’s Policy-Based Management (PBM) engine do the work for you. We'll look at the rich set of PBM tools that you can use for keeping your database clean and manageable. We'll also discuss the proactive and reactive approaches to PBM that will work best in your shop. This will be a highly-interactive session where you’re encouraged to ask questions as we move along.


Monday Octoberber 27, 2014 at 7pm,  AT&T Building  


Absolute beginner/introduction session on Power BI for Office 365 - Kevin Goff


Bio: Kevin S. Goff ( is a Microsoft SQL Server MVP

Database architect/developer/speaker/author

Regular columnist for CoDe Magazine on .NET, SQL Server, and Business Intelligence topics


Frequent speaker at community events  in the Mid-Atlantic region.


Host of BDBI Radio (, a webcast on SQL/BI topics



Abstract: As the title states, this is an absolute beginner’s presentation.  I actually create a brand new Power BI site, completely from scratch, then provision it, set up a gateway, and then create a few basic examples.  The objective isn’t to show off all the cool visualizations in PowerView and PowerPivot, it’s more to show the core mechanics of creating a site, pushing up content, and setting up a refresh through the gateway.  The presentation is intended to show to brand new people that it’s really not that difficult.   At the conclusion I’ll talk about some of the new features coming down the pike soon for Power BI. 


 Monday September 22, 2014 at 7pm,  Microsoft MTC 12012 Sunset Hills Rd, Reston, VA 20190  ROOM 3062  


The Spy Who Loathed Me - An Intro to SQL Security - Chris Bell

Bio: Speaker photo Chris Bell (MCITP) has been working with Microsoft technologies for over 20 years and using SQL Server for over 18 of those years. He is currently the Owner and Lead consultant for WaterOx Consulting, a Maryland based company focused on helping companies that can’t afford or justify a full time data team, get the most from their SQL Server environments. For more information please visit

Abstract: You have lots of data you have painstakingly collected over the years. How do you ensure that data is protected from hackers, spies and other ne’er-do-wells? Understanding the vast array of security features available in SQL Server is the first step in helping you determine what actions you need to take now to protect your data.

NOTE: The Microsoft building has ample garage parking attached to the building and a large surface parking lot in the rear of the building. Both are free and do not require any type of badge or ticket to enter or exit.”  We are on the 3rd floor, Room 3062.  The building doors will be open as well as elevator access to the 3rd floor.


Monday August 25, 2014 at 7pm,  1900 Gallows Road, Vienna, VA 22182  

Team-based Database Development: Playing Nice With Others’ - Samuel Vanga

Bio: Sam Vanga helps business people solve their data problems and enables them make data-driven decisions. His specialties include data integration, data warehouse and database development, and BI design. Sam blogs at

Abstract: As soon as you have more than one person on a development effort, you’re basically guaranteed to see collaboration and integration issues. Most commonly, you won’t always know what other people are working on, your changes may break their code, and your team is actually LESS effective than the individuals. In this session, we’ll cover how development practices such as version control, unit testing and continuous integration can help ease some of your database team-development headaches. We’ll go over demonstrations of how to implement these practices in your environment (using Red Gate tools in this case) to improve the efficiency and quality of your database development process, and play nicely with the other developers on your team.



July 28th 2014 Meeting is cancelled.



Backup to the Cloud: Integrating On-Premises SQL Server Backup and Recovery with Window Azure - Timothy McAliley


Monday,  June 23, 2014 at 7:00 PM

 1900 Gallows Road, Vienna, VA 22182  


In this session, we will discuss and demonstrate backup and recovery of your on-premises SQL Server databases to and from Windows Azure, a key Hybrid Cloud capability of SQL Server 2014. We will discuss key feature concepts such as the enhanced Backup UI, Restore UI, encrypted backups, SQL Server backup to URL, and the SQL Server Backup to Windows Azure Tool. We will also discuss the scenarios for integration of this technology. 

Meeting Agenda:
7:00PM - 8:15PM Main Session
8:15PM - 8:30PM Transition/Break
8:30PM - 8:55PM Short Takes Session
8:55PM - 9:00PM Wrap-up and raffle
9:00PM - 10:00PM Meet and Greet @ Olive Garden (across the street) 

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